Expression….a beautiful word it is.
And its meaning is as much flexible as we might want it to be. Expression exists in every form in which the nature wants to manifest and we want to perceive. A flower in full bloom is an expression of gaiety of Mother Nature and the tempest which crushes it is that of her unrest. Love is an expression of care and in a complimentary fashion, care is an expression of love. Cruelty is yet another expression.
As humans, we need to express ourselves, our thoughts, to others. In fact our expressions define us. They define our nature and our way of response to our life. How we act, how we interact…what are our views towards life and all the little surprises it keeps giving us, it’s all defined by our expressions.
 It’s our power of expression which makes us different…it makes us human, the intellectual mutants.
This blog is dedicated to that very word….EXPRESSION.
And today’s world, as reckless as it is, demands power of expression from an individual. And this power of expression we can gain only and only by enriching our knowledge.
Every day, there will be something new here….some new knowledge, some new words, their meanings, our culture, country, her problems, their solutions, some calculations, some miscalculations. There will be prose and poetry, history and sociology. There will be love…and war. Books, authors, what they have got to say. Ultimately, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING TO LEARN. And that we will do together.
There will be expression of joys, of sorrows, of gains, of losses. There will be expression of knowledge, of science, of truth. There will be expression of the old school nostalgia, the beating drums, the broken strings…of love, of hate. Of the hasty city squares and the lonely village lanes. Expression of freedom, expression of justice and that of injustice. It all will be expressed here…for one and for all, by one and by all.
Thusly, we begin a journey together…a journey to express ourselves, through this blog. It’s not my blog…. it’s all yours. Read, enjoy, comment, discuss.
It’s a promise that there will never be a single thing on this blog which is meant only for me. THERE WILL NEVER BE A SINGLE THING WHICH WILL WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. It’s a promise, that every time you log on to this blog, you will leave with something new, with satisfaction.
So keep in touch…visit this blog.
And if you like it…it will be my Nirvana.

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