As the custom goes, a happy Republic day to all of us..

Now that all that pomp and regalia at the Rajpath is over, the fancily dressed Royal Guards on the back of those splendid horses have already escorted the President back, Doordarshan have reverted back to the daily soaps with intermittent songs like “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” and the country kicks off a day long celebration of Democracy by staying at home, relaxing and doing nothing ( yes, we planned it), allow me to bore you with some pessimistic and not so populist ideas of mine, and I am sure that I wont be sued by anyone, for I am posting them on a blog that’s not read by many in fact.

Last year, we witnessed the rise of a man named Arvind Kejrival. Many of us chose to say that it was the rise of an idea….but despite my best efforts, I could not see any idea out there. Then I was told that the basic idea was that of a corruption free country. Then I asked myself…who does the corruption? On thinking, and I did not have to think much, I found out that it’s the common man of  a nation who does the corruption.Now what is a nation? I have given the definition of nation in my post on the last 15th of August, which simply says that a nation is made of a particular people which have certain things in common among themselves like aspirations, history and most importantly, a will to survive together, come what may. Everyday, around us, we see corruption going on in various forms, when a common man among us, who sits behind the desk in a Sarkari office takes a bribe from beneath the table, or when some one among us hits a proxy for us in the class, or we leave our platters on the canteen tables rather than throwing them in the bin, or when we change the specifications of Augusta Westland monster machines, or when we grab lands for the real estate honchos, or when a bank manager demands 10% for every loan…all this is corruption. There is no particular breed which is corrupt and is doing corruption. The corruption, is being practiced by the people from among us. So…I will have to say, very sadly, that the nation on the whole, is corrupt. But we wont admit it….why? Because we are the common man…we think that unless it is not in crores, it is not corruption. So, we are innocent.

So what’s  the idea? The idea is to set up a vigilante body. To make the existing rules tight, and to implement new rules…and to persecute those who are held guilty. In China, corruption is punishable by capital punishment. Every year, China executes more people than the whole world put together. Did corruption stop? No, it didn’t, it wont. Corruption, is a state of mind. Until we change that, it wont stop. Although my views are considered to be pro BJP, I deeply respect the man named J.L. Nehru. He was too pragmatic to be born in India at that time. A stark socialist, Nehru envisioned an equal distribution of assets among the people by keeping the reins of industry and every other productive actions in the hands of the Government which was to be chosen by the people and to be responsible to them. But he did a grave mistake, which the whole theory of socialism, from where I see it does all the time. He underestimated his people. We did not become corrupt in last 10 years. We have been corrupt all  through our history. We were corrupt when Jaichand invited Ghori…were corrupt when Rana Sangram Singh invited Babur…we were corrupt when the Mughal officers took bribes to sell 3 villages to the English one of them being Kalikata, today’s Kolkata, we were corrupt when  Mir Jafar cheated Siraz. Our corruption oozes out from the stories like ‘Namak ka Daroga’ and from novels like ‘Godan’. The very men who ‘fought’ in the freedom struggle, did the first scam of India. Yes people, we have been corrupt all through our history. Yes people, corruption is a state of mind, there is no denying this. Nehru failed, and he failed badly, he had to. No law, no rule,no theory can contain corruption. And Mr. Arvind Kejrival, I am more sure than anything else that he can’t do it the way he doing it.

He started his journey by the Jan Lokpal movement waged by Anna Hazare. I have no doubt in saying that inspite of all the  honesty and dedication, good old Hazare lacks the political cunning. And this cunning is necessary. Could the 13th amendment be enforced without all that lobbying which Lincoln did? This is where Arvind stepped in. He has got a brilliant mind without any doubt, and I mean it. He stepped into politics and riding on the popular wave, he ended up being the CM of Delhi. While campaigning, he was spewing venom against the Congress as if he held  any personal vendetta against them. When he won an unexpectedly high number seats in the assembly election, he did not hesitate to form a minority government with the support of the same Congress from out side, based on a kangaroo referendum. True, its not a coalition government….but it’s a minority Government set up on the grave of ideals. We all know that this minority government would last only for months….and thus, Mr. Arvind is keen on leaving no stones unturned to be a poster boy of the Aam Admi in the meanwhile. Starting from the freebees and the so called ‘end’ of the VIP culture and security cover, he can be seen, now a days, inspiring a civil disobedience movement. But there is a very fine difference between civil disobedience and anarchy. You deny your security cover, and Delhi police has to escort the whole metro route on which you  travel. You sit on a dharna , 5000 police men need to be deployed, 4 metro stations need to be closed. You hold the 26th January celebrations for a ransom. Its not democracy.  Its not the way you end corruption.

Actually, the thing is that we don’t need any hero. We don’t need any Modi or any Kejrival….and obviously not Mr. R**** *****I. The need of the hour is a wave of anti-incumbency. When you go out to vote, don’t vote for a man…vote for an idea, for a goal. Believe me, none of these so called leaders can change the scenario. Yes we need them to run the system. But, it is us, who constitute the system, who choose the system. Each one of us will have to be a leader, each one of us will have to be the change we want. The initiatives, the first steps, will have to taken within our families…we will have to teach our children the value of morals and that anything which you don’t earn with your merit, is never yours and that you should be ashamed of taking it…and teach ourselves the same. We can start with a step as simple as throwing the next cold drink can into a bin….even if we have to search for it. This is the only way out. Don’t wait for a certificate of honesty by following a particular party……and keep in mind that if any one needs to change first, it’s the Aam Admi himself. He is not innocent, he never was.

On the long path of our history, we the Indians, have stood on some tough crossroads and made some tough decisions. Some proved  to be wrong, and some turned out to be right. This 26th of Jan, we, once again, are standing on a cross road of the same nature. We have to choose between two things, whether to respect our constitution, or to deny it completely, whether we can be  free from corruption following the constitution, or will we have to write a new one. And before you decide, keep in mind the sacrifices which were given to write the existing one…it was not written for free. Make sure that you take the right decision…O ye common men.

Chalo ab ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara‘ sun hi lo…aaj 26 Jan hai yaar.


  1. Rightly said #vivek.
    I too feel that its all abt mental status of the AAM AADMI at the root level which will turn the melancholy tide as a famous quote says “If u take care of the small things the big things take care of themselves”.
    Really its an inspiring and an eye opener article ……..

  2. Hi Aryan, interesting reflections. Do check out Sanjeev Sabhlok’s site , Sanjeev discusses the issue of corruption and how to deal with it. Vigilantism is not the answer. Apparently it was Sanjeev who encouraged Kejriwal to join politics rather than demonstrate outside the political system, as Sanjeev is pretty much against Congress, against BJP and has spoken out against AAP as well.

    • Hey thanx for taking time out to read my stuff.

      I went to the blog and read a couple of articles…and I came across a donate BJP advertisement there too…😀
      Anyway, the stuff there is well written, and it quite matches to what i think and write…so thanx for the link…
      Keep visiting here too.

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